As a modern service center for the brands Citybug, JDBug & TranzX, we, JD Europe Components GmbH, have been handling all tasks related to our products since 2008: Consulting, sales, shipping, returns and, of course, repairs in our in-house workshop.

The corresponding spare parts for e-bikes, (e)scooters and other components can of course also be purchased through us.

Our highlights


Fast, uncomplicated and super light - these are exactly the characteristics that combine in our Citybug ES102 with road approval. It allows you to get to your destination quickly through crowded streets without any effort at all.

The ES102 weighs only 12.7kg, making it one of the lightest scooters in its class. It comes with two speed modes: 20 km/h (top speed) and 6km/h, which can be switched at will. The Citybug ES102 has a display in the handlebars, as well as lights integrated front and rear. In addition, 2 independently functioning brakes are installed, which provide the necessary safety.

The distance between the station and work or even directly from home is no longer a problem - the scooter manages to go up to 15km on one battery charge (battery 5.2Ah, 36V). Charging is also done in a jiffy, as it only needs 3-4 hours to be fully ready for use again. Despite the light weight, the scooter is able to travel with a payload of up to 100kg.


This professional stunt and freestyle scooter is recommended for speedsters from 8 years. Through its individual and futuristic design "Dark Knight", which was cleverly made from the colors black and white, this scooter is a must for anyone who prefers it discreet but still stylish.

For the playful ones, you will find a robot on the standing surface that will accompany you on all your adventures. To ensure a high level of safety during stunts and tricks, the scooter's aluminum frame can withstand loads of up to 100kg and, as is typical for stunt scooters, has no folding mechanism or height-adjustable handlebars.

The low weight of only 3.5kg make it an ideal companion that can be effortlessly taken anywhere.


Technological competence, innovative products and the utmost quality are our passion and drive us towards the future.

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